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Essential conditions for Affiliation with Urdu Education Board, Delhi

Any educational Institution/School/College who fulfils the following essential conditions can apply to the Chairman, Urdu Education Board, Delhi for affiliation on the prescribed proforma of application along with related documents and prescribed fee. On receipt of application for affiliation, the Chairman, Urdu Education Board shall constitute Inspection Team of eminent educationist, for Inspection of the School/Institution for on the spot verification of the documents, staff, building and other allied services. The inspection team shall visit the Educational Institution/School and submit its report to the Chairman Urdu Education Board which shall be placed before the Governing Body. The decision of the Governing Body for grant of provisional affiliation/rejection of affiliation will be communicated to the concerned Institution in due courses of time.

  1. School/College/Educational Institutions should be running under Registered Trust/Society.
  2. A copy of the resolution of the Society about affiliation with Urdu Education Board, Delhi indicating the consent from School Management.
  3. A copy of sale deed or certified copy of rent agreement if building is on rent.
  4. Provision of details about Library, Laboratory, Furniture, Electricity, Drinking water and toilets facilities for boys and girls separately.
  5. A list of teachers/supporting staff and Management of School/College along with their educational qualifications.
  6. The school/Educational Institution shall submit list of students, class wise, and stream wise to Urdu Education Board, Delhi along with application form.
  • "Academic Committee" means the Academic Committee set up by Urdu Education Board, Delhi.
  • "Competent authority" means Chairman, Urdu Education Board, Delhi.
  • "Institute" means an Educational Institution like Middle School, Secondary School and Senior Secondary School.
  • "Regulation" means regulations made by Urdu Education Board, Delhi
  • "Board" means Urdu Education Board, Delhi.
  • "Affiliation fee" means charges payable by the School/College to Urdu Education Board, Delhi in connection with affiliation.
  • "Session" means the period of twelve months duration when Instructions are provided to the students

Standard and Guidelines for the Institutions seeking affiliation with Urdu Education Board, Delhi recognized by Minority Educational Institutions a Statutory body of Govt. of India under Act 2004 of Parliament

The following are the standard requirement for the Institution/School/College seeking affiliation with Urdu Education Board, Delhi about teaching/supporting staff, space/premise, details of syllabus and other facilities requirement for smooth functioning of School.

A) Staff : The staff should be adequate with regard to the size of the school and course/subject(s) actually taught there as per norms Education Dept. And they should be well qualified/trained in the concerned subjects and the supporting officials have the ability to work with close cooperation with the teaching staff.

i) For the Schools imparting education upto class VIII
1 Principle/Head Master One
2 Graduate teacher (One Arts and one Science) Two
3 Oriental / Religious Teacher One
4 Language Teacher One
5 Arts and Craft Teacher One
6 Physical Education Teacher One
7 Lab Attendant One
8 Clerk One
9 Office Attendant One
ii) For the Schools imparting education upto class x (Secondary Courses)
1 Principle/Head Master One
2 Graduate Teacher (One Arts and one Science) Two
3 Oriental / Religious Teacher One
4 Language Teacher One
5 Arts and Craft Teacher One
6 Mathematics teacher One
7 Lab Attendant One
8 Clerk One
9 Office Attendant One
iii) For School/College imparting education upto class XII (Senior Secondary Course)
1 Principle/Head Master One
2 Lecturer Science Three
3 Lecturer Mathematics One
4 Lecturer (Arts) Five
5 Lecturer Commerce Two
6 Graduate Teacher Two
7 Language Teacher One
8 Oriental / Religious Teacher One
9 Physical Education Teacher Clerk One
10 Professional Assistant One
11 Jr. Lab assistant One
12 Lab Attendant One
13 Library Attendant One
14 Assistant/Clerk One
15 Office Attendant One

Types of Affiliation and Fees

The Institutions seeking fresh/up gradation/Renewal on provisional rescined form shall pay fees alongwith prescribed application form as given below by way of bank draft drawn in favour of Urdu Education Board payable at New Delhi.

  1. For Middle Schools.
  2. For Secondary Schools.
  3. For Senior Secondary Schools.
  4. Open Schools (for Private Candidates).
  5. Information Center.
A) Fee for Education Institutions seeking Affiliation (Non Refundable)
Sr. No. Type of School Affiliation for Two years Renewal for one year
1 Middle Schools Rs 15,000/- Rs 5,000/-
2 Secondary Schools Rs 20,000/- Rs 5,000/-
3 Senior Secondary
Rs 25,000/- Rs 5,000/-
4 Open Schools (for
Private Candidates)
Rs 25,000/- Rs 5,000

B) Information Center (Non Refundable)
Sr. No. Type of School Affiliation for Two years Renewal for one year

Information Center

Rs 25,000/ 5,000

Note: - The provisional affiliation subject to fulfillment of certain essential conditions may be granted for one year which shall be extended/renewed after receipt of request from the concerned Institution along with prescribed fee for renewal and satisfactory performance report is found during the previous affiliation.

No refund Affiliation fee

Once Urdu education Board, Delhi carried out the Inspection of the School/Institution, no refund of affiliation fee to the concerned Institution will be made under any circumstances.

Withdrawal of Affiliation

Affiliation to the School/Institutions may be withdrawn if the competent authority is of the view that the concerned Institutions is not following the rules and regulation of Urdu Education Board or promoting hatred between different sections of the Society by either way or also any misconduct in connection with the admission/examination. The affiliation may also be withdrawn if the affiliated Institution is from guilty of involving knowingly in unwarranted activities.

Prohibition of Ragging

All School/Institutions affiliated with Urdu Education Board, Delhi will ensure the compliance of these orders with effect from the date of affiliation:

Any students practicing ragging in any from within or outside the premises of educational Institution will be punished for expulsion for at least three years and fine as decided by the school authorities. Reoccurrence of such incidents in any Institution will be viewed seriously and that may also lead to the cancellation of affiliation for next five years.

Obligations on the part of Affiliated Institutions
  1. The affiliated Institution shall remain opened for the Inspection by the Inspectors appointed by Urdu Education Board, Delhi at any time.
  2. The building and furniture of the Institution shall be placed at the disposal of Urdu Education Board, Delhi for conduct of any of its examinations.
  3. The Institutions shall maintain authentic record of attendance.
  4. The Institution shall arrange regular medical checkup of students.
  5. The Institution shall not refuse any admission on grounds of caste, community, region or religion.
  6. The School/Institution shall follow rules and regulations of Urdu Education Board.
Power to alter these Regulations

The Urdu Education Board, Delhi may amend, modify or revise these regulations in the prescribed manner at any time without notice to any party.


On any question as to the interpretation of any provision of these regulations, the decision of the Chairman, Urdu Education Board, Delhi shall be final.

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