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Rules & Regulations for functioning Regional Centre of Urdu Education Board, Delhi

1. Urdu Education Board awards it Regional Centre within the State/Region for a period of one year. The matter for further continuation of Regional Centre shall be reviewed after completion of one year which shall be based on the performance and receipt of formal request from the concerned Regional Centre.

2. The Regional Centre shall be granted after payment of fee for Regional Coordinatorship.

3. The Regional Centre shall co-ordinate with Urdu Education Board, Delhifor all concern.

4. The Regional Centre shall open new Study Centresof Urdu Education Board for class 8th Standard, Secondary (10th) and Senior Secondary (12th) under Open Schooling System Modewithin State/Region.

5. The Regional Centre shall supervise all the work with the concern State/Region relating to Study Centres on behalf of Urdu Education Board, Delhi.

6. Urdu Education Board, Delhi will not engage any other individual/agency on its own to open its Study Centre.

7. Urdu Education Board will also not entertain the request of any individual/agency for opening its Study Centre within the State/Regionand forward the said request to the concerned Regional Centre.

8. The Regional Centre shall forward requests of individual/agency as per guidelines of Urdu Education Boardalongwith the prescribed fee of Rs 25,000/-through Demand Draft in favour of Urdu Education Board payable at New Delhi with recommendation for grant of Study Centre of Urdu Education Board to the Chairman Urdu Education Board after inspection of the concerned Study Centre.

9. The Regional Centrewill issue instructions to the Study Centres for enrolment for class 8th Standard, Secondary (10th) and Senior Secondary (12th) under Open Schooling System Mode as per the criteria laid down by Urdu Education Board in two phases as detailed below.

Block             last date for admission
Ist Block         June/July         15, May.
IInd Block         December/January         15, November.

10. The admission forms received after the scheduleddate, the said admission forms should accompany fee Rs 500/- extra (late payment fee).

11. Following prescribed fee shall be charged from the students only through Demand Draft in favour of Urdu Education Board payable at New Delhi and no extra amount shall be charged from the students under any circumstances.

Class                         Prescribed Fee
a) 8thStandard         Rs 2600/-
b) Secondary (10th)         Rs 3600/-
c) Senior Secondary (12th)         Rs 3850/-

12. If any Study Centre provides regular class to the students, the said Study Centre may charge extra amount.

13. The Regional Centre will collect all admission forms for class 8th Standard, Secondary and Senior Secondary classes from the Study Centres after maintaining proper records and verification fromoriginal documents. Which shall be forwarded with covering letter and fee through demand draft to the Urdu Education Board.

14. Urdu Education Board will also release Rs 1300/- per admission as share (Regional Co-ordinatorRs 300/- + Study Centre Rs 1000/-) afterreceipt of Demand Draft.

15. The Regional Centre shall be valid for a period of one year initially with effect from the date of award of Regional Centre. It may be renewed after completion of one year and receipt of request from the concerned Regional Centre.On the basis of performance of Regional Centre during the last year, the competent authority will award further continuation of Regional Centre if performance report is found satisfactory on mutually agreed terms and condition.

16. The Regional Co-ordinator may issue advertisement for admission/enrollment after prior approval of the text of advertisement from Urdu Education Board at their own level and expenses.

17. The Regional Co-ordinator shall ensure conduct of Personal Contact Programme (PCP) for the students in all Study Centres for 15 days before the start of examination.

18. It will be the responsibility of Regional Co-ordinator to Conduct periodic inspection of Study Centres.

19. The Regional Co-ordinator shall also be responsible for maintaining all records/Registers for smooth conduct of examination of Urdu Education Board,Delhi.

20. The Regional Co-ordinator will also ensure that proper examinationbe made and all answers sheets will be send to Urdu Education Board after completion of exam separately.

21. All correspondence relating to the functioning of Regional Co-ordinatorship shall only be made directly to Urdu Education Board, Delhi.

22. In case of unsatisfactory performance of Regional Co-ordinator or any Study Centre (s) in the State/Region or found any irregularity and complaint from the students/parents, Urdu Education Board reserves the right to cancel the Regional Centre /Study Centre without any notice and the enrolled students of the Study Centre shall be transferred to any other nearby Study Centre. The fee deposited by the Study Centre shall also be forfitted.

23. The Regional Co-ordinator shall follow all the rules/regulations and abide instruction issued by Urdu Education Board, Delhi from time to time.

24. Urdu Education Board will issue Admits of the students before the start of examinations.

25. Urdu Education Board will also send Answer sheets to the Regional Co-ordinator after receipt of information about no. of students in all Study Centres of State/Region.

26. Urdu Education Board will also forward Question paper well in advance through Email which shall only be opened before the start of examination in the presence of duly appointed Invigilator.

27. In the mattes of change of venue for the conduct of examination syllabus, eligibility for admission and scheme of examination etc. the decision of Urdu Education Board shall be final.

28. Urdu Education Board may provide Study material on demand after receiving its cost.

29. Any dispute that may arise at any time between the parties, the Jurisdiction of the court shall be Delhi court only.

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